7 top tips to planning a Bat/Bar Mitzvah

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The pre-planning

The first step before even beginning to plan the party is to ensure you have the essentials taken care of for the Bat or Bar Mitzvah ritual itself. Most synagogues will provide classes designed to help your child learn about Judaism, Hebrew and the Torah, so speak to your Rabbi to begin the preparations sooner rather than later and don't forget to help your child plan their speech!

Barmizvah venue

Choose your date and book the venue

It's never too early to choose your date and book the venue for your party. Remember, you won't be the only parent with a child reaching this age so the earlier you lock in a date and a venue and make your friends and family aware of this, the better.

Provisionally reserve a few different venues if necessary such as nightclubs, restaurants, hotels etc until you decide which one will be best suited to your requirements. Often these venues can also include a food and drinks package to your specification which means you may not have to outsource a caterer for the party but do ensure you do inform them of any special dietary requirements.

Batmitzvah theme

Pick your theme

Choosing a theme for the party can help you narrow down which venue would work best in terms of decorating and the atmosphere you wish to create. Themes for Bar / Bat Mitzvahs can range from a set colour scheme, your child's favourite interest or hobby or you can create something completely unique. Work with your child on the theme as after all, it is their special day.

Try tying the theme in with your decorations, even down to the napkins, the plates and the outfits you and your guests will be wearing as it will complete the look and feel of the party.

Adult drinks

Catering to the Adults

An increasingly popular route to go down is to provide something for the adults attending the party too. Bat and Bar Mitzvah's aren't just to please the children attending, so why not offer a cocktail hour before the party starts, offering a selection of appetizers, cocktails and perhaps some mocktails for the kids before the main meal and DJ or live band begin.

Keep the children entertained at this time with Casino style or carnival style games. This will allow you to relax, breath and enjoy yourself after all your months or even years of hard work planning the perfect Mitzvah.

Barmitzvah food

The Food

The meal menu for the party should be delicious, filling and fit for a king, along with being Kosher. It is always a safe and welcomed idea to serve some traditional Jewish cuisine such as Matzah balls or Gefilte Fish but this doesn't mean you can't experiment with a few things.

For the main meal, you can't go far wrong with a buffet style selection. Why not offer mini buffet stations throughout the venue to cater to all ages and tastes such as a pizza station, kosher burger station, pasta station, salad station, kosher bbq station and many others, the choice is all yours and this way, no one will go hungry.

relaxing before the Batmitzvah

Enjoy yourself

The day of the party has finally arrived. As easy as it can be to get lost in the background of the celebrations double checking timings, confirming bookings and ensuring everything is running smoothly, make sure you take some time to relax and enjoy the day before it's all over.

Don't forget for added peace of mind, look in to and order your Bar / Bat Mitzvah party insurance in the event the unexpected happens on the day.

Buy your party insurance

Buy your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Insurance

Just like a wedding or any other large-scale event, it is vitally important to ensure your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is protected from the unexpected such as supplier or venue cancellation, damage to gifts, financial failure of supplier and much more. Party Insurance provides protection for your peace of mind and your wallet by offering up to 20,000 cover for cancellation for an insured reason and our party insurance policies start at just 30! Get your party insurance quote today.

Author: Natasha Goldstein

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