Throwing the ultimate Christmas party on a shoe-string budget

So, you want to throw the ultimate Christmas party for all your friends and family but only have a small budget? That's perfect. At Christmas time, with all the gift giving and receiving, it's important to make your budget go as far as possible, and that's exactly what we're going to show you how to do. We've put together our hints and tips on how to throw the ultimate festive experience for only circa 500!

Party venue

The Venue - Circa 100

As nice as it is throwing a party in your own home, sometimes it just isn't big enough or the thought of spills and mess is enough to make your heart pound. The answer to this is hiring a venue for the evening.

Hiring a venue isn't as expensive or daunting as you may initally think, especially if you know where to look!

Our tip is to hire out a local community centre or village hall. These venues are often very cheap to hire and are presented as a blank canvas enabling you to decorate as much or as little as you like, putting your own stamp on the place for the evening.

Some venues require you to have party insurance in case things go wrong. You can get a quote from us for that

Christmas party decorations

The Decorations - Circa 50

Hit the pound shop, hard!

Often forgotten and underrated,the pound shop has so much to offer at a very, very low price. Christmas dcorations in many different colours are available, enabling you to create your own festive colour scheme.

As well as seasonal decorations and balloons, these stores also sell homeware items such as cups, plates, napkins, table runners, candles and other trinkets which means you can personalise the venue to create any look you desire whether that's a winter wonderland these, a colourful Christmas or a more traditional look.

Christmas food

The Food - Circa 150

No matter if you're catering for 15 people or 50, the best and easiest route is to offer your guests variety, and lots of it!

One of the great things about Christmas is the seasonal party food that re-appears on the shelves every year such as mince pies, yule logs, gingerbread people and much more.

For your party, our tip is to present a buffet with a mix of hot and cold food so your guests can help themselves as and when they want. High-end grocery stores offer tasty and fancy finger food enabling you to create a luxurious Christmas party buffet on a tight budget.

Perhaps try Antipasti Canapes, Pork Belly squares, mini Cheeseburger sliders and King Prawns with a mix of classic Christmas favourites such as Pigs in Blankets, Sausage Rolls, Turkey sandwiches and sweet treats as mentioned above.

Christmas drinks

The Drinks - Circa 150

Sticking with the Christmas theme doesn't necessarily mean that your all your guests can enjoy at the party is Mulled Wine. There are plenty of themed cocktail recipies out there which can be created to add a touch of class to your party. So, let's have some fun with fizz!

'Amaretto Fizz' - Prosecco with a shot of Amaretto. It's quick to create and very mature!

'Mimosas' - Prosecco and Orange Juice. This cocktail is classic, sweet and delicious.

'Raspberry Martini Fizz' - Vermouth, Gin, Prosecco with a spoon of sugar and raspberries to finish.

Of course you can still buy lots of Mulled Wine for a good all-round favourite and don't forget the beers and soft drinks too. Don't make your drinks too strong though! Your party insurance policy is unlikely to cover you if you damage someone else's property if you are too drunk.

Party Favours

Party Favours - Circa 50

Party favours aren't necessarily for a Christmas party but it sure is a nice and a very welcomed surprise for guests of all ages.

50 may not seem a lot to spend and you may be wondering how it will stretch to ensure every single guest received a gift. But remember, it's the thought that counts and no matter how big or small, this gesture adds to the special touches of your party.

An idea could be to head back to the pound store and buy some small party bags, party poppers, balloons, chocolates and miniture Christmas crackers or other small festive themed items. This would enable you to create a take-away bag with a cute balloon attached filled with seasonal goodies. This small parting gift will represent the essence of a good evening and your attention to detail.

Most importantly before the big night kicks off, order your Party Insurance which can protect your wallet and your peace of mind in the event the unexpected happens. With different ranges of cover offering up to 20,000 protection from supplier cancellation and more, it's a no brainer!

Christmas music

The Music - Free!

No party is complete without music!

Before your party, ask for Christmas song requests from all your guests and add in a few favourites of your own. Upload these to your ipod or stream them on your laptop using a well-known streaming service, plug in to the venue's PA system and you've got your music for the night!

Christmas party insurance

Party Insurance

And at last but by no means least, the remainder of your budget will go a long way in helping protect your wallet and your peace of mind in the event that the unexpected happens on the evening of your party.

Party Insurance starts from just 30 for the Blue level of cover and offers protection for venue cancellation or re-arrangement, supplier cancellation, damage to party gifts and in the event the weather prevents yourself or your guests attending, that's protected too. As long as the insurance policy is purchased at least 14 days before your party.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your party insurance today!

Author: Natasha Goldstein

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