Extended liability cover for your party

Many party venues require proof of liability cover in the event the party organiser or the person for whom the celebration is being held is found legally liable for damage to the property.

Party Insurance automatically includes public liability cover for the person(s) for whom the celebration is being held for in the event that they are held legally responsible for accidental damage they may cause to the venue during the event. However, this does not provide protection if it is one of the guests that causes damage to the venue, nor does it cover any legal liability that arises purely as a result of the contract you have signed, such as becoming responsible for damage caused by one of your guests.

For extra protection and peace of mind, you may wish to consider adding our optional Public Liability insurance for guests, which provides cover up to 2 million for all guests invited to the party or special event.

This provides protection in the event you or your guests are held legally responsible for accidental damage to the venue. Some venues now require a limit of 5,000,000 so Party Insurance also offers the option to increase to this amount subject to payment of the appropriate premium.

As a bonus, when you add Optional Public Liability to your Party Insurance policy, liability cover will now be included for a friend or amateur performer, such as a DJ or musician who is providing unpaid entertainment at your event. This can provide peace of mind that your friends will have liability insurance if they offer to play the piano or run the disco for you, as long as they are not being paid for their services.

Please note: that the optional Public Liability cover is not designed for small incidental damage such as broken glassware, it is designed for bigger incidents in which you may be held legally liable for damage to property at the venue you have hired.

Also, outside service providers such as photographers, paid musicians, catering and the venue itself should have their own insurance in place.

If you would like to have extended Public Liability for your party, please select the appropriate options when you purchase your Party Insurance policy here www.party-insurance.co.uk . All cover is subject to the terms, exclusions and conditions shown in the policy wording. If you have any questions, please call Voyager Insurance Services at 01483 562 662.

Author: Michèle

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