How to plan a Summer Party to remember
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How to plan a Summer Party to remember

25th June 2019 by Natasha Goldstein

There's a lot more to hosting a summer party than just dusting off your sun loungers, prepping the barbeque and mixing a delicious, fruity mocktail bowl. Over time the guest list will grow and there comes a point where you can't manage or cater to everyone's expectations, wants and needs as initially planned. So, have put together some hints and tips on how to plan a summer party to remember and keep your guests talking about it for many months to come.

summer party venue


Part of the success of your summer party will depend on the venue. As it'll be summer, you'll want something that offers a beautiful, spacious outdoor area during the day and the comfort, shade and warmth of inside once the sun sets or gets too hot and you move your party indoors.

Now, this doesn't have to be an upscale hotel or country house, a simple village hall, community centre or a fun, unexpected option could be to opt for a Yurt for a festival feel to your day.

summer party food


Take the heat off yourself and opt for a caterer instead of cooking for your guests yourself. You are the host after all, your time should be spent mingling and enjoying the party you have put together!

There are plenty of options to choose from no matter what style your summer party; casual, luxurious, formal or another theme. A suggestion is to provide both hot and cold food so guests can eat at their own pace and pick something that appeals to a wide range of people. If your party is themed, naturally stick to that theme with the food too.

summer party games


Music is a given at any party so ensure you have a playlist stocked with music that you and your guests will love and will support the theme or style of your day.

It is also a good suggestion to set up a handful of garden party games as they can serve as a great icebreaker as well as be a huge hit with the guests - especially if they have children. Classics such as life-size Jenga, garden bowling, ring-toss and croquet are all firm family favourites and will keep guests entertained for hours.

summer party decorations


Keep it simple but chic with the decorations for your summer party and split them in to two categories; daytime and the evening. For the day, plenty of bunting, white table linen, light pastel coloured flowers for the table and matching dinnerware to compliment. For the evening, fill the scene with tea light candles, fairy lights and lanterns to create a cosy, cute and relaxing atmosphere.

Beautiful scenery for a summer party to remember!

summer party insurance

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